Luciana Restaurant

Over the years, the special place has become the home of the Lucina restaurant, where architectural motifs of yesteryear blend harmoniously with design in modern lines. Guests in the restaurant are greeted in all its splendor, with arches and farce windows, walls made of rows of red stones and renewed Carrara marble flooring, a backdrop of fallen trees, vines and green vineyards envelops the restaurant and completes a heart-expanding atmosphere.

About Our Food

Luciana Confectionery has been around for over 12 years, where you can find regularly changing desserts.
Our confectioners undergo various courses both in Israel and abroad, and bring with them new and creative ideas to weave to the taste of our best customers.

The Atmosphere

The magical atmosphere of the restaurant is the appetizer for an Italian-style kosher event menu.
The menu includes a wide range of fresh and refreshing flavors-From inspiring entrees to house desserts from the maddening senses.

Our Confectionery

At Luciana we place emphasis on freshness, fine flavors and spectacular design. When you enter the restaurant you will not be able to ignore the impressive dessert showcase at the entrance.
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